Christmas is coming!

ghosts of christmas

There is no chance to escape from Chistmas rush. I’ve tried to do it many times, but I never suceeded in reaching that goal. No matter how hard you try, you have to take part in the craziness of pre-Christmas season. All those shiny shop malls, Christmas trees on the streets and in the shopping centres, TV commercials and people buying presents… No wonder that even I, so prefectly down-to-earth guy, started to think about Christmas. I would not be myself, if I didn’t correspond those experiences with my game choices:)

I’m not a great fan of most Santa Claus slots, so I was really happy to find a game which talks about Christmas but does not show a fat guy in red clothes. What is its name? “Ghosts of Christmas”!

“Ghosts of Christmas” is a charming 3D slot from Playtech. The game is loosely connected with the plot of popular “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. On the reels of the game you will find the symbols of funny Christmas ghosts, Scrooge, turkey, vintage clock, death and Bob Kracher. All icons are quite grotesque which turns the slot into a really funny experience.

If you are lucky while playing the game, you will be able to take advantage of different special features attached to the slot.

There is a Wild symbol in the shape of Scrooge holding a gold coin. It may replace all other symbols and forma many winning combinations.

Marley – green ghost, plays the role of a Scatter and may activate 15 or more Free Spins if you manage to catch at least three of them anywhere on the reels. What’s more each win completed in the Free Spin mode willl be multiplied bt 3. Number of Free Spin is selected by the player who has to click one of the Marleys found on the reels.

The special Ghost of Christmas Bonus game is triggered once you stop the reels with at least three consecutive clocks. Your task in the Bonus game is to choose of the three headstones and reveal the hidden prizes.

You will like “Ghosts of Christmas” if you liked “Christmas Carol”. The game fascinated me with its amusing theme and gorgeous graphics. Most of all, it is not a typical sweet Christmas slot, but a grotesque game, which makes you laugh and bring some positive thoughts.





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