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Funny, pretty and rewarding: Frog Grog online slot


No matter if you like frogs or not, you are sure to enjoy Thunderkick’s newest slot release: Frog Grog. Why? It’s easy: the game has a great look and allows you to win big. Can you ask for more?

Frog Grog has 5 reels and 23 paylines. The action of the game takes place inside the mysterious study of a powerful magician. Behind the reels you can see strange objects such as skulls, old keys, empty cages, spellbooks and traditional cadles. When it comes to the reels, they are filled with the images of different colourful magic potions. Each of them is different and all substances are kept in various containers. Some of them have living creatures such as butterflies or plants inside. There is also a potion with eyeballs inside – I love its creepiness! In front of the reels there is a huge pot filled with hot water – when you spin the reels of the game you feel as if you added mysterious substances into the pot, creating powerful medicines able to kill or save your oponents.

But the best thing about Frog Grog is not its look, but the abundance of special features. First of all, next to the reels you can see five different multipliers. They are presented in the form of the meter. The multiplier is connected with the dropping symbols. Symbols included in the payline wins get replaced with new symbols. The multiplier increases one step each time new symbols are dropped to replace winning icons. There is also the wild symbol represented by the frog. The Wild Frog substitutes for any other symbol. The frog removes all symbols on teh same row and column (except other frogs) and it remains for the rest of teh game round. When there are no new dropping symbols, the Mystery Game is activated randomly. The Mystery Game removes all symbols except the butterfly, plant and frog.

As you can see, there are many special features added to Frog Grog online slot. Honestly, I really liked playing this game. It isn’t sweet, childish or too ordinary, which I hate in many contemporary games. Thunderkick’s newest release is able to bring you a lot of entertainment and award you with nice winnings. What’s more, its gloomy atmosphere perfectly corresponds with my mood and autumn blues. Give it a try, I strongly recommend it!




Boo! Trick or Treat? Halloween is COMING!


I love this time of the year. Okay, the days are getting shorter in the place where I live and it often rains, but who cares if you have Halloween? It’s my favourite holiday – I guess I will never grow up enough to stop enjoying Halloween costumes, creepy parties and Tricks!

When I was a child I always loved to wear zombie costumes. In fact, zombies have always been my favourite horror characters. A bit slower than usual people, ugly-lloking and half-decayed zombies stimulated my imagination since kindergarten years. Skeletons were too thin, vampires were so “typical” and witches were for girls, while zombies… well, zombies were just perfect!

There is no wonder then that I was pretty excited when I heard about the newest game from Microgaming – Lost Vegas. My favourite gaming destination, so called Sin City and zombies – could I ask for more this Halloween? I guess not 🙂 Did the game meet my expectations? Yes, it did – very, very!

First of all, Lost Vegas looks OSSOM! On its reels you will find the images of blood-seeking zombies – their faces are covered with blood and other strange substances – I don’t want to think about the details too much – and they all look really hungry! This is as far as the Zombie mode is concerned. And now the second mode – Survivors. Well, they are so boring that I almost fall asleep when I turn on this side of the game. Sufficient to say that this mode focuses on common people who survived zombie apocalypse and try to find their place in the zombie-occupied city. There are some pretty girls and brave guys, but they are too cute to like them. I got hooked to zombie mode and that is enough for me.

Apart from the excellent theme and nice graphics, the game offers some special features such as Free Spins, Stacked Wilds, Stash Feature, Blackout Bonus and Wilds. Free Spins are awarded when you catch t least three Scatters anywhere on the reels. In the Survivors mode you get free spins with stash feature where standard card symbols are removed adding extra cash to players’ account. In the zombies mode you can be awarded with infection feature where full zombie stacks infect reels turning symbols into stacked wilds. There is also a special Blackout Bonus awarded randomly during the base game. What you can win here is the fact that all high symbols award extra cash prizes. It’s pretty cool and I really liked this option.

I’ve almost forgotten – the game has 5 reels and 243 ways to win – getting winning line is pretty easy then.

I strongly recommend this awesome slot to all zombie-lovers. It won’t disappoint you, so give it a try today and prepare for Halloween!