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Add some magic to your everyday routine!

Lucky Fortune slot

Okay, it’s the highest time to write a few words about some highly rewarding slots. For the last few slots I have been concentrating on beautiful slots with innovative themes. Well, it won’t be so much different this time, but unless in case of the previous slots, I am going to describe you a game which brought me some real winnings. What is it? It’s Wazdan’s “Lucky fortune”.

5 reels, 10 paylines, Wild symbols, Scatters, Free Spins… is there anything more you could expect from a slot? Add beautiful colourful graphics and smooth animations and you receive a perfect recipe for your favourite game.

I must admit that I have fell in love with Wazdan’s new releases. They are so bright, fresh and unique that it is hard to stop yourself from playing. I’ve been captured by “Lucky Fortune” for a little while and it proved to be a really rewarding exeprience. I won a nice sum of credits which unfortunately didn’t happen to me often lately.

But let’s start from the beginning. “Lucky Fortune” is centered around the figure of a charming gypsy girl who plays the role of a fortune teller. Next to the game logo you can see some four leaf clovers which are the symbols of good luck. But it is not all. On the reels of the game one can find other luck bringers, for example a pot of gold, gold elephant or a horseshoe. All it gives the game the special charm and the atmosphere of magic. Music attached to the game is very pleasant and relaxing which turns the gameplay into a totally refreshing experience.

Apart from the standard symbols, there are some special ones. First of all, crystal ball plays the role of the Scatter. When you catch 3, 4 or 5 of them on the reels, you will activate 15 Free Spins. All wins during the Free Spins round are multilpied x3. Free Spins may be re-triggered during the feature. And this is how I managed to collect a nice sum of cash while playing this game. I had so much luck, that I was activating Free Spins in such a great number, that I have forgotten what the normal game looks like 🙂

Furthermore, the symbol of the Gypsy girl is Wild and can replace all other symbols to form many different winning combinations. Thanks to this solution, I have formed some wins on all of the paylines just after a few first spins!

So, I really recommend you “Lucky Fortune”. I know, sometimes people have extremely lucy days, but I don’t believe that my win in this game was the effect of pure luck. If you wish to win in a slot game, you just have to try this unique title – you may find it at DiamondWorldCasino.

Good Luck!

Lucky Fortune wild

lucky fortune symbols

lucky fortune scatter


My Favourite Classic Slot

Magic Fruits

Yes, I know – at the very beginning of my adventure with this blog I have mentioned that I hate all classic slots and now I want to dedicate my new post to that boring phenomenon. Go ahead, you can judge me, it is your reader’s right 😉 But even though I certainly hate most of classic slots, I play occassionally play them. Well, sometimes everyone needs a change 😉

From time to time, especially after a week that came from hell, I like to spin the reels of a completely ordinary slot. I am even able to digest most corny fruit machines – I makes me feel relax. Ok, maybe now some of you will leave this site, but tell me, don’t you sometimes feel the same? You know, all those innovative 3D slots are pretty nice, but they are too much absorbing and there are times when I have no energy to play them.

At these moments I love to play some of Wazdan’s slots. They are pretty well-designed, have easy rules and give quite high chances of hitting a progressive jackpot.

My favourite no-brainer (in the positive meaning of this word) is “Magic Fruits”. This simple game offers 3 reels and 5 paylines. Of course, when you think “classic slot”, you see a group of fruit. “Magic Fruit” is no exception. However, unlike most fruit-themed slots, this one presents really attractive fruit, and stands out from the crowd thanks to the great graphics. On the reels you can find images of grapes, pears, watermelons, oranges, plums, raspberries, bells and red sevens. the whole game is set on the nice green background. I have no idea why, but I like looking at the spinning fruit in this slot. It is so damn relaxing!

The game does not offer any additional functions. And I don’t treat it as its weakness. Sufficient to say that it giives you a chance to ease your stress in a completely transparent gameplay. All you need to to is to spin the reels. The rest depends on your luck. Don’t you think it is the easiest and most fair deal? I have days when only such things can rise my spirit 🙂

Do you also suffer from so called “Weltschmerz”? Have you got your favourite slot which helps you deal with your troubled soul? Please, share your remedies 🙂

magic fruits magic_fruits_1 magic_fruits_2

Wonna try this slot? Check here:

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