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Call me Columbus! :)


I have discoved something absolutely fantastic! A brand-new slot from Play’n Go: “Gemix”!

It is completely difefrent from any other slots you know.

Why? Because the whole gameplay of this slot is divided into three different levels – in fact worlds. Are you curious how it works? Here we go!

In “Gemix” you do not have typical paylines. Instead, you have to catch at least 5 matching symbols on adjacent positions. When you do so, the symbols explode and are replaced with the above icons.

The game features three levels: the miner’s world, the princess world and the wizard’s world. Each of them is unlocked when you cover three grid patterns visible on the small screen next to the reels. You need to clear patterns by winning on all indicated positions.

As you have probably predicted, all worlds are connected with some special options. So, depending on the world you will be able to take advantage of 3 different kinds of Wild symbols: up to 10 Wilds in the miner’s game, Wilds that can spread from edge to edge in princess’s mode and up to 8 sticky Wilds in wizard’s world.

But it’s not the end of special effects! When you win on combination of 20 symbols, you will activate an extra Crystal Charge feature. You can win 4 different functions. In the first, nova blast, one symbol explodes, destroys and transforms other symbols. While Crystal Warp, one symbol is targeted and all matching symbols are warped to other symbols. During Light beam mode, one symbol shoots out light beams, hits symbols and transforms them to other symbols. The last, chain lightning, activates two corner symbols and forces them to connect with a chain lightning. All hit symbols are transformed to one of the corner symbols. The whole game is totally unpredictable and will surely give you a thrill!

Not only does the game offer fantastic gameplay, but it also provides the player with a real feast for eyes! I am sure that all players will fall in love with the beauty of this game.

I think that all doctors should prescribe “Gemix” for all patients suffering from temporary depression! If you haven’t checked it yet, it is the highest time to do it! I honestly recommend this slot for all demanding players!

gemix_10 gemix_5 gemix_6