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Chinese New Year has never been so cute before!


First of all, sorry for being away for so long. I had a lot of work and had no time for writing. But I did my best to still keep an eye on the gaming market. And I must say that many interesting things happened during my absence!

First of all, many companies decided to release some winter and New-Year themed slots. Some of them interesting, others not, I won’t write about them – not today. Now most slots providers concentrate on the theme of spring and St Patrick’s Day – I won’t devote my post to this issues, forgive me.

I was more than happy to see the extremely long-awaited Guns N’Roses slot from NetEnt – it’s great, I must admit and it totally met my expectations. I fell in love with it instantly but had no luck and decided to play it in fun mode now – it’s much safer as I love the bands’ music so much that I couldn’t stop playing this game and almost got divorced 😉

There was also a nice game from Genesis Gaming – Clash of Queens. I spent quite a lot of time playing this game recently and I found its bonuses really entertaining. Recommend it to all players who are looking for special-features-packed slots. You won’t regret it.

The most rewarding game for me was, however, 4 Seasons from BetSoft. Maybe subconsciously (I love BetSoft as you know), I managed to win a lot of cash spinning the reels of that cute game. Seasonal wheel available in this slot was extremely lucky for me and I also triggered some free spins which awarded me with huge win. The game features all my favourite special options: wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers and block combos. Apart from that, it is just truly pleasurable to play with all those cute animal symbols and sweet soundtrack.

I know that winning on the game depends on luck and cannot be predicted, but I truly recommend 4 Seasons. Even if you don’t win, you get a chance to relax and spend some time in extremely nice company.




No, no, NO! It can’t be NetEnt!

stickers slot logo

Last week I saw that NetEnt had released a brand new slot. As usual, I was expecting something original, exciting, or at least good looking. But this time I have to say it aloud – new Stickers slot looks awful and there is nothing special in it. Why? Let me explain it.

Just for the start: do you like fruit themed slots? Well, I can stand them, but only when they can be placed under the “classic slots” category – then I know that thanks to simple rules and only a few paylines I will be able to win something which always rewards hours spend on looking at boring fruit.

But NetEnt decided to equip its newest release with some “exciting” special features and 20 paylines which only make things worse and give me a bad taste in the mouth.

Does the game really look so bad? Well, yes! On its reels you will find fruit stickers and standard card symbols. All graphics are very simple and while spinning the reels of the game I felt as if I have turned back in time – not the most delightful feeling, believe me. When it comes to the background, it is nothing more but the yellow sheet set on blurred fruit wallpaper. I had to check twice if it was really NetEnt’s game.

NetEnt – one of my favourite game providers added some special features to make game more attractive for the players. In fact, a Wild symbol which can replace all other symbols to form winning combinations and Sticky Spins during which all Sticky Symbols remain on their positions on the reels until the entire Sticky Spin feature is complete were not enough to change my opinion on the game. To be honest, they gave me nothing but some tiny winnings and I think it would be better if such boring game had simplier rules but more frequent winnings.

I don’t recomend Stickers, sorry. There is nothing special in this game and if you wish to try some interesting games from NetEnt, don’t hesitate to launch such titles as Dracula or Attraction. They are much better than this one!

stickers paytable stickers sticky spin stickers win

Meet Dracula – the handsome prince of darkness!

dracula slot logo

Finally I am able to tell you about my opinion on a newly released NetEnt’s Dracula slot. Is it as good as I expected? Well, the answer is both yes and no.

My first impression when I saw Dracula was: wooooow! The intro attached to the game looks great. It shows a young and pretty girl escaping from the group of scary bats. This short movie provides fantastic background to the game and has got an incredibly dark mood.

After the intro players can see the screen of the 5-reel 40-payline slot. On the reels of the game one can see many different symbols presenting different characters from the story of Dracula. What is more, there are two expanded symbols of Dracula and a pretty girl. Unfortunately, the game features too many standard card symbols which can be really disappointing. In my opinion, NetEnt could have placed more Dracula-themed symbols on the game screen. His theme has such huge potential! Luckily, NetEnt equipped the game in stunning graphics and animations thanks to which you do not get bored with the slot.

As most of NetEnt’s products, Dracula slot offers some nice ann innovative special features.

There is a Wild symbol represented by the red W letter. It can appear anywhere on reel 2,3 and 4 in the main game and substitute for all other symbols.

If you are worried that there are no Wilds during the Free Spins I have a great news for you – once you are lucky enough to launch Free Spins you will be able to take advantage of Stacked Wild symbols in shape of Dracula embracing his beloved lady. Stacked Wilds can appear onywhere on reel 3 and can replace all other symbols. The Stacked Wild appearing on reel 3 during Free Spins triggers 2 extra Free Spins.

The stacked Dracula symbol on reel 2 and the stacked Lady symbol appearing on reel 4 at the same time in the main game activate 10 Free Spins. This feature looks really interesting but it’s very hard to catch such combination on the game screen. I’ve been playing for q long time and managed to activate Free Spins only once. It never took me so long in other games from NetEnt!

And now a few words about the most popular Bat feature. In the main game, Dracula sitting next to the reels can suddenly disappear and turn into the group of bats which fly in and land anywhere on the spinning reels in a cluster formation. All bats in the cluster turn into the same random symbol, also the Wilds.

All things considered, Dracula looks great and offers some really interesting features which are so unique that you are almost never able to activate them 😦 I really wish I could trigger Free Spins more often or just catch stacked Dracula once in ten spins. Without it the game just lacks its main purpose – entertainment and big wins.

dracula slot stacked symbol

dracula slot animations

dracula slot bat feature

Get ready for a trip to sunny Mexico!

spinata grande slot NetEnt

Even if you are very busy, even if you don’t have enough money to go on holidays, you can enter the beautiful area of Mexico with NetEnt’s Spinata Grande slot!

Set in the centre of small Mexican city, Spinata Grande offers 5 reels and 40 paylines. On the game screen you will find the images of a red bull, skull, star, pink donkey, green parrot and a blue fish with a hat and moustache. It’s important to state that the game features excellent soundtrack which is an integral part of the gameplay. Unlike in many ther games, music plays a great role and greatly suplements the atmoshpere of the slot.

What is so special about this game besides its great look? You will see it once you launch the game!

The first thing – symbols. There are some usual small symbols but from time to time (my experience proves that quite often), some of the symbols become really huge and take place of 4 or even 9 ordinary symbols. Each of these Colossal symbols can form many winnning combinations.

The next special feature – Mini Slot. How does it work? Well, it’s easy. You can activate the function by catching the colossal bonus symbols. Depending on th enumber of of colossal symbols visible on the game screen the symbol turns into 3, 6 or 9 individual mini-slot symbols. In the main game the mini slot consists of free spin symbols, extra spin symbols and three different coins. In free spin round the mini slot contains extra spin symbols and bronze coins only.

Three free spins symbols appearing anywhere in the mini slot game trigger Free Spin feature. Three free spins symbols award 5 free spins and each next free spin symbol adds 1 extra free spin. During free spin round you can take advantage of Colossal Wild symbol in the shape of funny skull. Colossal Wild is a symbol block of 3×3 symbols. The symbols substitutes for all other symbols except the Colossal ones.

I need to admit that I was a bit sceptical about this slot. You know, all those news, advertisements and promo movies can make you feel totally overwhelmed. But Spinata Grande proved to be worth all that “noise”. It is really funny and good looking and can bring some serious winnings. There are so many special features attached to the game, that no matter how long you spin its reels, you never get bored with it.

spinata grande slot big win

spinata grande slot colossal symbols

spinata grande mini slot

“Tornado Farm Escape” – my new discovery

tornado farm escape

Today something completely new: “Tornado Farm Escape” from Net Entertainment.

Why do I like it? Because unlike most slots, this game tells a real story. The plot of this slot focuses on the history of farm animals which decided to place everything on one card and escape from the cruel farmer.  They have a great chance to do that, because they happen to plan their escape on the day of great tornado. Will they manage to survive the terrifying force of nature? We have an opporti=unity to help them by spinning the reels of this beautiful slot!

besides the great theme, the game offers beautiful graphics, eye-catching animations and fantastic special features.

With a little luck, you will be able to catch hot symbols on the first reela and the cold symbol on reel 5. What is going to happen then? An exciting Tornado Feature! Some symbols will be spinned around the reels – Wild symbols will substitute for all other symbols (except hot and cold) and bring you many additional prizes.

There is also a special Storm feature, which distributes Wild symbols all along the reels. It is triggered randomly, but once you activate it, you will be able to collect many extra coins.

Those of you who like games with huge jackpots will be slightly disappointed with the amount of winnings offered in the game, but I am sure it has much more to offer than a huge jackpot.

I love this game for its light atmosphere and the way it helps me forget about the outside world. All in all, playing slots shall not only bring you a lot of cash, but also enrich you with something more: a lot of fun . Do you agree?





Lost Island – Slot for Demanding Players

lost_island_2bMy last posts were centered around the brand new slots. I’ve realised today that I haven’t written anything about my personal slot-tastes yet. That is why today I’m going to write a few words about one of my favourite slots: “Lost Island”.

“Lost Island” is a 5-reel and 20-payline slot from Net Entertainment. The first time I’ve seen that game, I thought: “finally a game for me!”. I think it was love at the first sight! The first thing that attracted my attention were the graphics. Good-looking, colourful, three dimensional symbols presenting the images which bring into mind the secret treasures hidden in the jungle. In general, the basic theme of this beautiful game is totally appealling: lost island, which keeps some artefacts of gone-by civilisation. Great theme for a slot, don’t you think so? While spinning the reels, you feel like a great adventurer on a secret mission in some distant and uncivilised land.

I am also amazed with the amount and quality of special features offered in that game. There is a Wild symbol in shape of lotus flower and a Scatter represented by the gold jewel. The Wild is able to replace all other symbols, while the Scatter may trigger some extra Free Spins. But it’s not all. During all Free Spins, lotus flower automatically appears at the central position on reel 3 and remains there till the end of chargeless spins. What’s more, Wilds can occur as single or stacked symbols and they always bring you a nice multiplier.

For some of you all those features may look quite ordinary, but believe me, “Lost Island” offers you something more than great winnings: it is able to take you on an exciting excursion and make you lose contact with the outside world. Each time when I find myself in a bad mood, I start playing this fantastic slot. It is the only game that is able to influence my mind.