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Yggdrasil’s Seasons slot – my must-play for this spring


I love spring! All those flowers, birds and so on. Sometimes, however, I have no time for roaming in the countryside (no matter how much I want to do it) so I have to find a substitute of nature in the world of gaming 😉

This year the case is easy: there is Yggdrasil’s Seasons online slot! Launched this week, this 20-payline, 5-reels game is a fresh release from one of my favourite game studios and I must admit it looks great and pays well. Even though this week casino players had a chance to try a nice selection of newly launched games, I believe this one is the best. Why? Let me explain!

First of all: the look. Seasons slot looks just amazing. All symbols are well-detailed and perfectly mathc the theme. There are acorns, leaves, strawberries, berries, mushrooms and pines. The music is very relaxing and the whole mood of the game is very pleasurable. I fell in love with it!

The next thing: game scheme. In fact, Season slot is very unique not only due to its graphics, but mainly to the fact that it is divided into four different games, each devoted to different season of the year. Thus, there are 4 game modes: winter, spring, summer and autumn. After 10 spins have been played in a season, the season may change into a new randomly chosen season once the bet is made. I’ve been playing the game for a while and managed to launch all modes-they are awesome.

Each mode has a different Wild feature. In winter, Here is wild and can duplicate itself to another position. In spring mode, Wild Owl gives a free re-spin. During the re-spin, the Owl moves one spot in a random straight or diagonal direction to award more wins. During the summer, Dear Wild will expand in a CROSS pattern when it is caught on the reels. Autumn’s Wild Fox awards a random multiplier that applies to all wins in the spin.

But it’s not the end of good news! There are also free spins awarded once you manage to catch at least 3 Free Spins leaves symbol. You may win up to 30 free spins (as a reward for 5 free spins symbols).

First, I tried the game in the free mode but later on, I decided to give it a go in a real-money game. The results were great, so I am sure to come back to this enchanting title soon. I can recommend it to all of you, casino lovers!




Cloud Quest – nice surprise from Play’n Go


Have you seen the newest slot from Play’n GO? Their new Cloud Quest surprised me with its nice look and attractive bonuses. Are you curious about what I think about this game?

First of all, Cloud Quest has 5 reels and 5 rows and its reels are filled with the images of some magical substances, strange weapons and brave warriors. In order to win, you need to get three or more matching symbols that connect diagonally, vertically or horizontally. Once the winning combination is created, winning symbols are cleared and other symbols in a column can drop down to fill in the empty spaces – all to help you win more. I really enjoyed this feature and found it pretty rewarding.

There is also a power stone symbol that fills a power meter and awards players with a chance to trigger Super Powers bonus once the meter is full. In the bonus round you need to clear the row and unveil all the bonus letters to start the bonus round and get free spins with many extra special features. When you clear the whole grid, you get 500 credits.

If any three symbols in a game complement a winning combo, the middle symbol turns into wild and substitutes for all other symbols to form more winning combinations.

A special free-respin with a random power activates when the arrow stops on the highlighted section (check paytable before you start the game to learn the rules). The power meter consists of 10 sections end every power stone symbol caught on the reels fills in the meter. When the meter is full, the arrow spins and you get a random superpower. It can be x5 multiplier, initial wild symbol cleared only when they comprise an all-wild combination, all symbols turning into scatters or all winning combinations creating wild symbols.

But it’s not the end. There is also the already-mentioned Bonus Round that is activated when the word BONUS is fully revealed on the row. When you damage a monster, you win. How does it work? You start the round with 5-20 free spins and get 3 extra each time you defeat the monster.

What is so special about this game? Can’t you see? It has so many special features, that it is sometimes hard to follow the action of this crazy slot. I’ve been playing it for three days and still didn’t manage to activate all bonuses, which makes me even more excited! If you like action-packed slots, you must give Cloud Quest a go!



Chinese New Year has never been so cute before!


First of all, sorry for being away for so long. I had a lot of work and had no time for writing. But I did my best to still keep an eye on the gaming market. And I must say that many interesting things happened during my absence!

First of all, many companies decided to release some winter and New-Year themed slots. Some of them interesting, others not, I won’t write about them – not today. Now most slots providers concentrate on the theme of spring and St Patrick’s Day – I won’t devote my post to this issues, forgive me.

I was more than happy to see the extremely long-awaited Guns N’Roses slot from NetEnt – it’s great, I must admit and it totally met my expectations. I fell in love with it instantly but had no luck and decided to play it in fun mode now – it’s much safer as I love the bands’ music so much that I couldn’t stop playing this game and almost got divorced 😉

There was also a nice game from Genesis Gaming – Clash of Queens. I spent quite a lot of time playing this game recently and I found its bonuses really entertaining. Recommend it to all players who are looking for special-features-packed slots. You won’t regret it.

The most rewarding game for me was, however, 4 Seasons from BetSoft. Maybe subconsciously (I love BetSoft as you know), I managed to win a lot of cash spinning the reels of that cute game. Seasonal wheel available in this slot was extremely lucky for me and I also triggered some free spins which awarded me with huge win. The game features all my favourite special options: wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers and block combos. Apart from that, it is just truly pleasurable to play with all those cute animal symbols and sweet soundtrack.

I know that winning on the game depends on luck and cannot be predicted, but I truly recommend 4 Seasons. Even if you don’t win, you get a chance to relax and spend some time in extremely nice company.



Add some magic to your everyday routine!

Lucky Fortune slot

Okay, it’s the highest time to write a few words about some highly rewarding slots. For the last few slots I have been concentrating on beautiful slots with innovative themes. Well, it won’t be so much different this time, but unless in case of the previous slots, I am going to describe you a game which brought me some real winnings. What is it? It’s Wazdan’s “Lucky fortune”.

5 reels, 10 paylines, Wild symbols, Scatters, Free Spins… is there anything more you could expect from a slot? Add beautiful colourful graphics and smooth animations and you receive a perfect recipe for your favourite game.

I must admit that I have fell in love with Wazdan’s new releases. They are so bright, fresh and unique that it is hard to stop yourself from playing. I’ve been captured by “Lucky Fortune” for a little while and it proved to be a really rewarding exeprience. I won a nice sum of credits which unfortunately didn’t happen to me often lately.

But let’s start from the beginning. “Lucky Fortune” is centered around the figure of a charming gypsy girl who plays the role of a fortune teller. Next to the game logo you can see some four leaf clovers which are the symbols of good luck. But it is not all. On the reels of the game one can find other luck bringers, for example a pot of gold, gold elephant or a horseshoe. All it gives the game the special charm and the atmosphere of magic. Music attached to the game is very pleasant and relaxing which turns the gameplay into a totally refreshing experience.

Apart from the standard symbols, there are some special ones. First of all, crystal ball plays the role of the Scatter. When you catch 3, 4 or 5 of them on the reels, you will activate 15 Free Spins. All wins during the Free Spins round are multilpied x3. Free Spins may be re-triggered during the feature. And this is how I managed to collect a nice sum of cash while playing this game. I had so much luck, that I was activating Free Spins in such a great number, that I have forgotten what the normal game looks like 🙂

Furthermore, the symbol of the Gypsy girl is Wild and can replace all other symbols to form many different winning combinations. Thanks to this solution, I have formed some wins on all of the paylines just after a few first spins!

So, I really recommend you “Lucky Fortune”. I know, sometimes people have extremely lucy days, but I don’t believe that my win in this game was the effect of pure luck. If you wish to win in a slot game, you just have to try this unique title – you may find it at DiamondWorldCasino.

Good Luck!

Lucky Fortune wild

lucky fortune symbols

lucky fortune scatter

New Year, new duties, new…slots!

pinocchio logo

Ugh, it’s been a long time since I last wrote anything on my blog. Sorry for that, but I’vebeen really busy. My life has changed a lot and I don’t have so much free time as I used to have, but I promise I will change for better and add new posts regularly. After all, it’s always a good time to try new slots!

I have great news for all 3D slots lovers – there is a new slot from BetSoft! It is called “Pinocchio” and features 5 reels and 15 paylines. As usual, BetSoft provided its players with excellent graphics and fantastic gameplay.

Let’s start with the graphics. As its name suggests, “Pinocchio” is based on the story with the same title. No wonder than that on its reels you will find such symbols as wooden clock, special tools used for wood carving, wooden puppets, old books and the figures of Gepetto and Pinocchio himself. What is more, throughout the game, you are encouraged by the two characters who are standing next to the reels and cheering you on as you spin the reels. As usual, BetSoft’s game offers amusing animations and beautiful soundtrack.

The best thing about the “Pinocchio” slot are its special features.

First of all, the slot offers a unique Real Boy Mode which is triggered after you collect 5 Real Boy symbols anywhere on the reels. Each time a real boy symbol occurs on the lower corner of the symbol, it will be collected. During the Real Boy Mode, all Pinocchio symbols are turned into real boy symbols. What is more, Real Boys play the role of Wild symbols and can replace all other symbols except the Wagon, Books and Scatter icons. In order to return to Wood Boy Mode, you need to collect 5 Wood Boy mini symbols.

There is also a Fairy Awesome Respins function. When you form a no win combination, you do not have to worry – the Fairy Companion will appear on the reels and magically respin the reel for a second chance to win! It is a completely free function. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But it’s not the end of special options available in the game. Three other symbols: Gepetto, Books and Wagon icons are connected with other unique features. To begin with, if Gepetto appears on reel 3, you will trigger a Wild Scroll feature. During this feature, the Scroll will move across from right to left and respin the reels. Each respin is free so you do not have to worry about your credits. The book symbol on the other hand activates the Wild Scroll when it is caught on reels 1, 3 and 5. at the time of this option, the Scroll moves down the reel it was triggered on each time respinning the reels. And the last one, Wagon symbol, launches Wild Scroll Wild Reel function when it occurs on the middle reel. During that feature which runs over 5 Free Spins, the whole reel turns wild which really boosts your chances of winning!

And one more thing: the game is divided into two worlds! You will start the slot in the Workshop primary world, but during each spin special Wagon and Books symbols may appear on reel 2 and 4 respectively and fill in the special meter. 10 Wagon symbols caught on the reels unlock the Stage world while 10 Books symbols activate the Classroom world. If you unlock any of the worlds, you will be moved to the new surrounding and you will get 8 spins before you return to the Workshop primary world.. this solution is really exciting and I must admit that I’ve been playing this slot for 6 hours just to see how it looks like. And guess what? It was totally worth it!

Well, finally I managed to write something long enough 🙂 I hope you have managed to read the whole post! I really recommend “Pinocchio” – in my opinion it is one of the most inetersting slots recently released. I spent a great time with that game and succeed in creatin some really rewarding combinations 😀

I am preparing a bit longer text about new games from one of my favourite game developers: Wazdan so I hope to see you again next week. Good luck with “Pinocchio” and bye for now!



Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

Today just a short note about my Christmas plans.

Do I play slots on Christmas? Of course I do! Not as much as during the average days of the year, but I like to spend some time spinning the reels of some Christmas themed slots. Especially if there is finally so much free time to use!

By all means, Christmas means family relations for me, but as surely everyone knows, a true slot lover is able to find some balance between the social life and passion.

So, I wish everyone Happy Christmas! May these holidays bring you many great presents, fantastic wins, profitable bonuses and new experiences. I hope you will be extremely lucky this Christmas and find many occassions to try some new slots!

Feel free to recharge your batteries, enjoy your freedom and get ready for the busy beginning of the new year which will be surely filled with exciting gameplay!

P.S. If you are looking for some really strong emotions for this Christmas, you may try yourself with a real-money games. I’ve found a great promo at Diamond World Casino – they have no deposit bonus for new players and some special Christmas promotions, so if you hurry up, you will be able to get a real combo of bonuses!

One more time, Merry Christmas!

Call me Columbus! :)


I have discoved something absolutely fantastic! A brand-new slot from Play’n Go: “Gemix”!

It is completely difefrent from any other slots you know.

Why? Because the whole gameplay of this slot is divided into three different levels – in fact worlds. Are you curious how it works? Here we go!

In “Gemix” you do not have typical paylines. Instead, you have to catch at least 5 matching symbols on adjacent positions. When you do so, the symbols explode and are replaced with the above icons.

The game features three levels: the miner’s world, the princess world and the wizard’s world. Each of them is unlocked when you cover three grid patterns visible on the small screen next to the reels. You need to clear patterns by winning on all indicated positions.

As you have probably predicted, all worlds are connected with some special options. So, depending on the world you will be able to take advantage of 3 different kinds of Wild symbols: up to 10 Wilds in the miner’s game, Wilds that can spread from edge to edge in princess’s mode and up to 8 sticky Wilds in wizard’s world.

But it’s not the end of special effects! When you win on combination of 20 symbols, you will activate an extra Crystal Charge feature. You can win 4 different functions. In the first, nova blast, one symbol explodes, destroys and transforms other symbols. While Crystal Warp, one symbol is targeted and all matching symbols are warped to other symbols. During Light beam mode, one symbol shoots out light beams, hits symbols and transforms them to other symbols. The last, chain lightning, activates two corner symbols and forces them to connect with a chain lightning. All hit symbols are transformed to one of the corner symbols. The whole game is totally unpredictable and will surely give you a thrill!

Not only does the game offer fantastic gameplay, but it also provides the player with a real feast for eyes! I am sure that all players will fall in love with the beauty of this game.

I think that all doctors should prescribe “Gemix” for all patients suffering from temporary depression! If you haven’t checked it yet, it is the highest time to do it! I honestly recommend this slot for all demanding players!

gemix_10 gemix_5 gemix_6

Christmas is coming!

ghosts of christmas

There is no chance to escape from Chistmas rush. I’ve tried to do it many times, but I never suceeded in reaching that goal. No matter how hard you try, you have to take part in the craziness of pre-Christmas season. All those shiny shop malls, Christmas trees on the streets and in the shopping centres, TV commercials and people buying presents… No wonder that even I, so prefectly down-to-earth guy, started to think about Christmas. I would not be myself, if I didn’t correspond those experiences with my game choices:)

I’m not a great fan of most Santa Claus slots, so I was really happy to find a game which talks about Christmas but does not show a fat guy in red clothes. What is its name? “Ghosts of Christmas”!

“Ghosts of Christmas” is a charming 3D slot from Playtech. The game is loosely connected with the plot of popular “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. On the reels of the game you will find the symbols of funny Christmas ghosts, Scrooge, turkey, vintage clock, death and Bob Kracher. All icons are quite grotesque which turns the slot into a really funny experience.

If you are lucky while playing the game, you will be able to take advantage of different special features attached to the slot.

There is a Wild symbol in the shape of Scrooge holding a gold coin. It may replace all other symbols and forma many winning combinations.

Marley – green ghost, plays the role of a Scatter and may activate 15 or more Free Spins if you manage to catch at least three of them anywhere on the reels. What’s more each win completed in the Free Spin mode willl be multiplied bt 3. Number of Free Spin is selected by the player who has to click one of the Marleys found on the reels.

The special Ghost of Christmas Bonus game is triggered once you stop the reels with at least three consecutive clocks. Your task in the Bonus game is to choose of the three headstones and reveal the hidden prizes.

You will like “Ghosts of Christmas” if you liked “Christmas Carol”. The game fascinated me with its amusing theme and gorgeous graphics. Most of all, it is not a typical sweet Christmas slot, but a grotesque game, which makes you laugh and bring some positive thoughts.




Bizarre “Cazino Zeppelin”!

cazino zeppelin

Coming back to my roots 😉 Yeah, I know, I’ve been torturing you with some classic slots descriptions, but today I’m going to tell you about something as fresh as a daisy!

So, my new discovery is a totally crazy “Cazino Zeppelin” slot by Yggdrasil. Have you ever played “Dead or Alive”? If yes, you will like home with this brand new slot as it has very similar graphics and style.

Like most of Yggdrasil’s slots, “Cazino Zeppelin” has a certain plot. It “tells” the story of zeppelin’s crew which members decided to play some casino games in order to entertain themselves on the boring flight. Sonunds interesting? And so it is! Add some nice graphics presenting strange characters (all a bit strange-looking and holding some cards or dice) and you have a perfect recipe for a great gameplay.

I’ve checked this slot several times when it was still available only in the free mode at Vera and John casino and I triggered almost all special features. But what’s the best, I managed to do so in the real game as well. Such things have never happened to me before!

I was extremely excited with the quality of additional options. While playing the game you can benefit from such special features as Free Spins or Sticky Wilds.

Let’s start with Free Spins. If you are lucky to catch 3, 4 or 5 Free Spin symbols, you will trigger 10, 15 or 20 Free Spins. What’s more, even two Free Spin symbols anywhere on the reels add some extra points to your win, which happens really often and is soooo nice:)

The symbol of a sexy girl is Wild. During the Free Spin feature pretty chick may get sticky till the end of the free game. But it’s not the end of great news! All Wilds appearing in base game when activating Free Spin mode remain on their positions till the end of the feature. This option helps you collect many wins and build many winning combinations. Of course, Wilds can substitute for all other symbols except Scattered Free Spins.

Did you also have so much luck while playing this slot? Because I got sticked to it and can’t get enough of this crazy slot! It looks great, pays well and has some nice additional options. If you haven’t checked it yet, you must do it!




“Tornado Farm Escape” – my new discovery

tornado farm escape

Today something completely new: “Tornado Farm Escape” from Net Entertainment.

Why do I like it? Because unlike most slots, this game tells a real story. The plot of this slot focuses on the history of farm animals which decided to place everything on one card and escape from the cruel farmer.  They have a great chance to do that, because they happen to plan their escape on the day of great tornado. Will they manage to survive the terrifying force of nature? We have an opporti=unity to help them by spinning the reels of this beautiful slot!

besides the great theme, the game offers beautiful graphics, eye-catching animations and fantastic special features.

With a little luck, you will be able to catch hot symbols on the first reela and the cold symbol on reel 5. What is going to happen then? An exciting Tornado Feature! Some symbols will be spinned around the reels – Wild symbols will substitute for all other symbols (except hot and cold) and bring you many additional prizes.

There is also a special Storm feature, which distributes Wild symbols all along the reels. It is triggered randomly, but once you activate it, you will be able to collect many extra coins.

Those of you who like games with huge jackpots will be slightly disappointed with the amount of winnings offered in the game, but I am sure it has much more to offer than a huge jackpot.

I love this game for its light atmosphere and the way it helps me forget about the outside world. All in all, playing slots shall not only bring you a lot of cash, but also enrich you with something more: a lot of fun . Do you agree?