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New Year, new duties, new…slots!

pinocchio logo

Ugh, it’s been a long time since I last wrote anything on my blog. Sorry for that, but I’vebeen really busy. My life has changed a lot and I don’t have so much free time as I used to have, but I promise I will change for better and add new posts regularly. After all, it’s always a good time to try new slots!

I have great news for all 3D slots lovers – there is a new slot from BetSoft! It is called “Pinocchio” and features 5 reels and 15 paylines. As usual, BetSoft provided its players with excellent graphics and fantastic gameplay.

Let’s start with the graphics. As its name suggests, “Pinocchio” is based on the story with the same title. No wonder than that on its reels you will find such symbols as wooden clock, special tools used for wood carving, wooden puppets, old books and the figures of Gepetto and Pinocchio himself. What is more, throughout the game, you are encouraged by the two characters who are standing next to the reels and cheering you on as you spin the reels. As usual, BetSoft’s game offers amusing animations and beautiful soundtrack.

The best thing about the “Pinocchio” slot are its special features.

First of all, the slot offers a unique Real Boy Mode which is triggered after you collect 5 Real Boy symbols anywhere on the reels. Each time a real boy symbol occurs on the lower corner of the symbol, it will be collected. During the Real Boy Mode, all Pinocchio symbols are turned into real boy symbols. What is more, Real Boys play the role of Wild symbols and can replace all other symbols except the Wagon, Books and Scatter icons. In order to return to Wood Boy Mode, you need to collect 5 Wood Boy mini symbols.

There is also a Fairy Awesome Respins function. When you form a no win combination, you do not have to worry – the Fairy Companion will appear on the reels and magically respin the reel for a second chance to win! It is a completely free function. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But it’s not the end of special options available in the game. Three other symbols: Gepetto, Books and Wagon icons are connected with other unique features. To begin with, if Gepetto appears on reel 3, you will trigger a Wild Scroll feature. During this feature, the Scroll will move across from right to left and respin the reels. Each respin is free so you do not have to worry about your credits. The book symbol on the other hand activates the Wild Scroll when it is caught on reels 1, 3 and 5. at the time of this option, the Scroll moves down the reel it was triggered on each time respinning the reels. And the last one, Wagon symbol, launches Wild Scroll Wild Reel function when it occurs on the middle reel. During that feature which runs over 5 Free Spins, the whole reel turns wild which really boosts your chances of winning!

And one more thing: the game is divided into two worlds! You will start the slot in the Workshop primary world, but during each spin special Wagon and Books symbols may appear on reel 2 and 4 respectively and fill in the special meter. 10 Wagon symbols caught on the reels unlock the Stage world while 10 Books symbols activate the Classroom world. If you unlock any of the worlds, you will be moved to the new surrounding and you will get 8 spins before you return to the Workshop primary world.. this solution is really exciting and I must admit that I’ve been playing this slot for 6 hours just to see how it looks like. And guess what? It was totally worth it!

Well, finally I managed to write something long enough 🙂 I hope you have managed to read the whole post! I really recommend “Pinocchio” – in my opinion it is one of the most inetersting slots recently released. I spent a great time with that game and succeed in creatin some really rewarding combinations 😀

I am preparing a bit longer text about new games from one of my favourite game developers: Wazdan so I hope to see you again next week. Good luck with “Pinocchio” and bye for now!