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Cloud Quest – nice surprise from Play’n Go


Have you seen the newest slot from Play’n GO? Their new Cloud Quest surprised me with its nice look and attractive bonuses. Are you curious about what I think about this game?

First of all, Cloud Quest has 5 reels and 5 rows and its reels are filled with the images of some magical substances, strange weapons and brave warriors. In order to win, you need to get three or more matching symbols that connect diagonally, vertically or horizontally. Once the winning combination is created, winning symbols are cleared and other symbols in a column can drop down to fill in the empty spaces – all to help you win more. I really enjoyed this feature and found it pretty rewarding.

There is also a power stone symbol that fills a power meter and awards players with a chance to trigger Super Powers bonus once the meter is full. In the bonus round you need to clear the row and unveil all the bonus letters to start the bonus round and get free spins with many extra special features. When you clear the whole grid, you get 500 credits.

If any three symbols in a game complement a winning combo, the middle symbol turns into wild and substitutes for all other symbols to form more winning combinations.

A special free-respin with a random power activates when the arrow stops on the highlighted section (check paytable before you start the game to learn the rules). The power meter consists of 10 sections end every power stone symbol caught on the reels fills in the meter. When the meter is full, the arrow spins and you get a random superpower. It can be x5 multiplier, initial wild symbol cleared only when they comprise an all-wild combination, all symbols turning into scatters or all winning combinations creating wild symbols.

But it’s not the end. There is also the already-mentioned Bonus Round that is activated when the word BONUS is fully revealed on the row. When you damage a monster, you win. How does it work? You start the round with 5-20 free spins and get 3 extra each time you defeat the monster.

What is so special about this game? Can’t you see? It has so many special features, that it is sometimes hard to follow the action of this crazy slot. I’ve been playing it for three days and still didn’t manage to activate all bonuses, which makes me even more excited! If you like action-packed slots, you must give Cloud Quest a go!




Enjoy your time with Hillbillies Cashola slot!

hillbillies cashola logo slot

I never liked farm-themed slots. They are too cute, too simple and too ordinary. But this time I must say that I found the game which matches my taste. Hillbillies Cashola not only looks good but it also brings me unexpectedly pleasant feelings. It’s like the journey back in time into my grandparents’ house… 🙂

The reels of Hillbillies Cashola are set on the beautiful background showing high mountains and colourful fields. This view looks extremely relaxing and what is more important, it is not too cute or oldfashioned like in many other similar games. The list of symbols used in the game includes the images of farmers, farm houses, farm animals and standard card symbols. All graphics and animations are well-made and quite good looking so you do not get bored with the game.

But these are not the symbols that make this game so attractive. As all players I appreciate nice appearance but I prefer games which are able to provide me with some serious winnings. And Hillbillies Cashola is definitely one of them. The game is packed with special features such as free spins, scatters, wilds and bonus games.

Three Hillbillies appearing on the reels play the role of the Wild symbols. The first of them, and old man, can replace other symbols when it is caught on the first reels, the second, a pretty girl, appears on the third reel and the last Wild, well-built man substitute icons on reel 5. when you catch at least 2 Hillbillies anywhere on the reels, you are awarded with 8 free spins during which all prizes are doubled. While playing the free spin feature you can win Killbilly Bonus prize of 2, 3 or 5.

The best thing about Hillbillies Cashola, however, is its progressive jackpot. It can be won at the conclusion of any game and it is triggered at random.

In short, I advise all casino players to try Hillbillies Cashola. Nice graphics, pleasant music, relaxing atmosphere, various special features and a progressive jackpot – can anyone wish for more? After my yesterday’s game I am more than satisfied!

hillbillies cashola slot

hillbillies cashola free spins

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

Today just a short note about my Christmas plans.

Do I play slots on Christmas? Of course I do! Not as much as during the average days of the year, but I like to spend some time spinning the reels of some Christmas themed slots. Especially if there is finally so much free time to use!

By all means, Christmas means family relations for me, but as surely everyone knows, a true slot lover is able to find some balance between the social life and passion.

So, I wish everyone Happy Christmas! May these holidays bring you many great presents, fantastic wins, profitable bonuses and new experiences. I hope you will be extremely lucky this Christmas and find many occassions to try some new slots!

Feel free to recharge your batteries, enjoy your freedom and get ready for the busy beginning of the new year which will be surely filled with exciting gameplay!

P.S. If you are looking for some really strong emotions for this Christmas, you may try yourself with a real-money games. I’ve found a great promo at Diamond World Casino – they have no deposit bonus for new players and some special Christmas promotions, so if you hurry up, you will be able to get a real combo of bonuses!

One more time, Merry Christmas!

My Favourite Classic Slot

Magic Fruits

Yes, I know – at the very beginning of my adventure with this blog I have mentioned that I hate all classic slots and now I want to dedicate my new post to that boring phenomenon. Go ahead, you can judge me, it is your reader’s right 😉 But even though I certainly hate most of classic slots, I play occassionally play them. Well, sometimes everyone needs a change 😉

From time to time, especially after a week that came from hell, I like to spin the reels of a completely ordinary slot. I am even able to digest most corny fruit machines – I makes me feel relax. Ok, maybe now some of you will leave this site, but tell me, don’t you sometimes feel the same? You know, all those innovative 3D slots are pretty nice, but they are too much absorbing and there are times when I have no energy to play them.

At these moments I love to play some of Wazdan’s slots. They are pretty well-designed, have easy rules and give quite high chances of hitting a progressive jackpot.

My favourite no-brainer (in the positive meaning of this word) is “Magic Fruits”. This simple game offers 3 reels and 5 paylines. Of course, when you think “classic slot”, you see a group of fruit. “Magic Fruit” is no exception. However, unlike most fruit-themed slots, this one presents really attractive fruit, and stands out from the crowd thanks to the great graphics. On the reels you can find images of grapes, pears, watermelons, oranges, plums, raspberries, bells and red sevens. the whole game is set on the nice green background. I have no idea why, but I like looking at the spinning fruit in this slot. It is so damn relaxing!

The game does not offer any additional functions. And I don’t treat it as its weakness. Sufficient to say that it giives you a chance to ease your stress in a completely transparent gameplay. All you need to to is to spin the reels. The rest depends on your luck. Don’t you think it is the easiest and most fair deal? I have days when only such things can rise my spirit 🙂

Do you also suffer from so called “Weltschmerz”? Have you got your favourite slot which helps you deal with your troubled soul? Please, share your remedies 🙂

magic fruits magic_fruits_1 magic_fruits_2

Wonna try this slot? Check here:

Diamond World Casino

Creepy “Voodoo Magic” slot!


This year I have no problems with choosing a perfect Halloween slot. With no doubt this year’s Halloween season will be centered around the brand new Real Time Gaming’s “Voodoo Magic”!

Set inside the gloomy forest, “Voodoo Magic” takes you on an unforgetable journey into the darker side of your soul. Are you ready to face your fears? I bet you do!

The first thing that attracts your attention in this creepy slot is the game’s toolbar: the spin button is substituted by a bone and the autoplay is represented by the image of a bowl filled with eyeballs. The whole atmosphere of the game is enhanced by the symbols: witches, skulls, Voodoo dolls, snakes, candles and mysterious totems – you will find them all on the game screen!

The Vodoo priestess is Wild and can replace all other symbols except the Voodoo dolls. Voodoo doll plays the role of the Scatter and triggers up to 25 Black Magic Free Spins.

The only weak point of the game is the fact, that the Free Spins can be activated only when the dolls are placed on the adjacent reels. As you may predict, it is harder to get Free Spins than in most of the typical slots.

I am almost sure that I won’t play this game forever, but it suits my “Halloween” taste and is great for long autumn evenings 🙂

Have you got your favourite Halloween/autumn slots? Tell me about them!


Let your spirit soar with “Sea of Tranquility” slot!


Not long ago I found myself in a terrible state of autumn sadness. Do you know what I mean? All those pesimistic thoughts and a complete lack of energy. As usual, I tried to raise my spirits with some nice slots:) And luckily, I’ve found the one, which helped me forget about the outside world!

“Sea of Tranquility” from Williams Interactive can be used as the equivalent of great calmness. The reels of this 5-reel 30-payline slot are placed on the purple background which aim is to resemble the magical evening sky. All symbols presented on the game screen bring some esoteric allusions. What you may find on the reels are the images of owls, moons, fireflies, ships, a beautiful lady and a comet. The most stunning, however, is the music attached to the slot: delicate, subtle and totally out of this world, it will hypnosise you with its magical power!

Apart from the great appearance, the slot offers a great entertainment and is equipped with many interesting special features which always please the players.

As you play the game, you can take advantage of Scatters, Wilds, Free Spins and a Close Enough feature. In brief:

-comet is Wild and can replace all other symbols except the Bonus, the Wild symbol may expand over the whole reel;

-moon serves as the Scatter; if you catch at least two of them on adjacent reels, you will win up to 50 Free Spins with a different multiplier;

-Close Enough feature is activated when a Wild or a Scatter symbol appears within the Close Enough area. When it happens, the Wild expands over the reel and the Scatter counts towards any potential Free Spin triggering.

I really enjoyed playing this slot! It is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. If you would like to add some magic to your everyday life, you must give this game a go:)




“1 Can 2 Can” – Love at First Sight!


I hate all classic fruit themed slots…

I’ve told you about it several times and I am a bit ashamed to admit that I’ve found the one that really matches my tastes: “1 Can 2 Can” from Next Gen company.

First of all: the game has such a great look that I don’t notice all those fruit! The reels are set at the heart of the tropical jungle: you can see some green trees, exotic flowers, waterfall and of course two toucans! Those two friendly birds are able to fly around the reels and eat some fruit stored on the game screen. Each time they are hungry, they crash chosen symbols and turn them into the ones needed to complement the winning combination. You don’t need to catch any Wild symbols – your Wilds will be created from random fruit eaten by the birds!

To be honest, I understand all actions taken by the toucans – if I could, I would also taste all those delicious fruit as they look really tasty!

The next thing that the toucans can do is to add some Scatter symbols on reels 2, 3 or 4. Each time you stop the reels, your flying companions will turn up on the reels and replace random symbols into Scatters. If you catch 3 Scatters on the game screen, You will win 10 Free Games during which toucans become much more hungry and add more Wilds for more wins.

I cannot get enough of this game!  Its mouth watering graphics and funny toucans are really amazing. And, after all, all those fruit serve only as decorations for standard card symbols, so maybe I am not getting crazy? Wishful thinking 🙂

Let me know what you think about this game. Have you already tried it?




Meet a Family of Friendly Zombies in “The Zombies” Slot!

the zombies

I’ve always loved all things connected with zombies: movies, books, comics, even slots. Some time ago, however, I’ve realised that all those zombie themed productions have got identical plot and concentrate on the same characters. And as usual, I got bored! Probably that explains my first sceptical approach towards “The Zombies”. I didn’t want to play another game with ugly monsters. You can imagine how shocked I was when I saw this crazy slot!

“The Zombies” shows the everyday life of green-skinned family of zombies. They lead the normal existence of simple bread eaters. There is a father zombie, his pretty wife and their two cute children. They all look really nice and…ordinary! The Zombies are presented doing their everyday chores: playing, cooking and cleaning. Among the symbols presented on the game screen you will find the images of flowers, newspapers, postal boxes and waste bins.

The game is available in two different modes: Power Game and Easy Game. The first one is announced with the appearance of the father next to the reels while the Easy Mode is represented by the mother. If you want to fight for more frequent but a bit smaller wins, you shall play Easy Game. If you wish for bigger wins, you should try Power Game.

What’s more, “The Zombies” offers many special features such as Zombie Bonus Games, Free Spins, Pick-a-Spin feature, Wilds, Scatters and Bonuses.

You will manage to trigger Zombie Bonus Party which equals 10 Free Spins if you catch three or more family symbols on the reels.

The Zombie Bonus Game, on the other hand, is activated each time you succeed in stopping the reels with the symbol of Parent Zombie meeting the Bad Zombie. During that game you will have to kill the Bad Zombie with a given weapon. It is a great fun but most of all, it can reward you with some great winnings thanks to the big multipliers!

I’ve played this game several times and I didn’t get bored with it – it’s a miracle! At the time when most of the games make me totally sick, “The Zombie” provided me with great entertainment and I think it will remain on the list of my favourite slots released this year.

If you haven’t played it yet, you shall definitely give this game a go!

the zombies

the zombiesthe zombies

“Pyrons” – Explosion of Winnings? Rather not…



I have to tell you about my last discovery! I’ve found a new slot from Yggdrasil – “Pyrons”. Have you ever tried Yggdrasil’s slots? If not, you have to do it, because Yggdrasil is one of the most innovative software providers available on the market.

But let’s concentrate on “Pyrons”.

I have to admit that I was really excited about this release. And at the first glance it seemed that the game deserved my anticipation as it looks totally crazy! On its reels you can see the glass balls filled with the standard fruit symbols drowned in the colourful explosive substances. You do not spin the reels like in the most slots. So how do you get the points? If you catch at least three matching symbols in the winning line, they are going to explode, disappear and leave an empty space for the next glass balls which are dropped down from the top of the game screen.  It is quite nice to look at and I felt really happy each time I managed to get those explosive winnings.

Unfortunately, despite the fantastic look, the game has one weak point: it has almost no special features.

The only thing it has to offer is the multiplier meter visible on the left side of the game screen. After each win your multiplier increases and it may boost your winnings up to 20 times. But the best thing about the multipliers is that they are able to actvate a special animation in which the blue flames spread over the whole game screen.

So, what is my general opinion about “Pyrons”? I think it won’t become one of my favourite slots. I prefer more exciting games which are able to entertain me with some Bonus Games or at least offer Scatters or Wilds.

I think I’ll stay with a bit older slot from Yggrasil – “Magic Mushrooms”. Maybe I’ll write about it in my next post 🙂




Explore the “Wild West” with a new NextGen’s slot!



As I’ve promised, I am going to inform you about some of the most recent slots appearing on the market. So, not long ago I’ve found some new games, which are listed below:

-Wild West from NextGen,

-“Titan Storm” from NextGen,

-“High Fashion” from RealTime Gaming,

-“So Much Candy”, “So Much Sushi” and “So Many Monsters” from Microgaming.

To be honest, none of them is great, but the one I liked(in fact accepted) the most is NextGen’s  “Wild West”.

As its title suggests, the action of the “Wild West” slot takes place in the distant times described in western films. The reels are set inside the saloon and they are filled with the images of whiskey, horses, pretty girls and cowboys. I know there are many other slots with the same theme, but I don’t know why I just liked the atmosphere of “Wild West”. Maybe it is because I managed to win some Free Spins and ended the game with quite nice winnings:) The game offers all my favourite special features: Free Spins, Wilds, Scatters, multipliers and a great Your Gamble game.

All in all, if you are looking for a quite new slot and you don’t mind western movies, you should try “Wild West”. Maybe you will also find it amusing?

Can you suggest any other new slots which are worth playing? Let me know about them!