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Meet a Family of Friendly Zombies in “The Zombies” Slot!

the zombies

I’ve always loved all things connected with zombies: movies, books, comics, even slots. Some time ago, however, I’ve realised that all those zombie themed productions have got identical plot and concentrate on the same characters. And as usual, I got bored! Probably that explains my first sceptical approach towards “The Zombies”. I didn’t want to play another game with ugly monsters. You can imagine how shocked I was when I saw this crazy slot!

“The Zombies” shows the everyday life of green-skinned family of zombies. They lead the normal existence of simple bread eaters. There is a father zombie, his pretty wife and their two cute children. They all look really nice and…ordinary! The Zombies are presented doing their everyday chores: playing, cooking and cleaning. Among the symbols presented on the game screen you will find the images of flowers, newspapers, postal boxes and waste bins.

The game is available in two different modes: Power Game and Easy Game. The first one is announced with the appearance of the father next to the reels while the Easy Mode is represented by the mother. If you want to fight for more frequent but a bit smaller wins, you shall play Easy Game. If you wish for bigger wins, you should try Power Game.

What’s more, “The Zombies” offers many special features such as Zombie Bonus Games, Free Spins, Pick-a-Spin feature, Wilds, Scatters and Bonuses.

You will manage to trigger Zombie Bonus Party which equals 10 Free Spins if you catch three or more family symbols on the reels.

The Zombie Bonus Game, on the other hand, is activated each time you succeed in stopping the reels with the symbol of Parent Zombie meeting the Bad Zombie. During that game you will have to kill the Bad Zombie with a given weapon. It is a great fun but most of all, it can reward you with some great winnings thanks to the big multipliers!

I’ve played this game several times and I didn’t get bored with it – it’s a miracle! At the time when most of the games make me totally sick, “The Zombie” provided me with great entertainment and I think it will remain on the list of my favourite slots released this year.

If you haven’t played it yet, you shall definitely give this game a go!

the zombies

the zombiesthe zombies