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More new slots from Wazdan! WOW!


Last time I was so happy to write about some new games from one of my favourite software providers, Wazdan and you won’t guess what: there more new slots from this company! Launched this month, four new games are even more stunning than the previous ones and I can’t get enough of spinning their reels!

There are four new titles added to Wazdan’s game portfolio: Back to the 70s, Haunted Hospital, Hungry Shark and Jackpot Builders! Each of them different, but all equally good-looking and rewarding! My favourite one is Back to the 70s, as I love its theme and bonus features!

But first, a few words about the three other slots. Haunted Hospital takes players into the creepy haunted hospital, where crazy doctors and nurses are waiting for brave players to meet them on the reels! The second new slot, Hungry Shark tells the story of a hopeless castaway who tries to escape the bloodthirsty shark! The action of Jackpot Builders takes place on the building site where sexy builders and builder women present their muscles and invite players to join them in their fun.

These three slots are really nice and they offer a great Risk Game, but still I like Back to the 70s most. Why? It’s easy – this magical era of disco and glitter reminds me of my teenage years and brings back extremely nice memories. But that’s not all. Back to the 70s not only looks nice, but it also offers numerous special features such as Scatters, Expanding Wilds, Free Spins and Bonus Games. My favourite one is the Bonus Game where players meet two party-goers and have to choose one of the colourful drinks which then turns into the expanding wild symbol for the time of free spin round. I simply love this game and was extremely happy to initiate it as often as possible.

If you still don’t know Wazdan’s slots, it’s the highest time to change it! This game studio is getting better with each release and their games offer everything that is needed to provide players with lots of fun and nice wins. All graphics of Wazdan’s new slots are stunning, the animations run really smooth and the special features appear really often! Let me know what you think about Back to the 70s, Haunted Hospital, Hungry Shark and Jackpot Builders and have fun!

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You can play new Wazdan’s games here or here.


Wazdan, I love you!


I’m back! Easter is over, the weather in my region is getting better and better and finally I have some time to search for new slots!

Today I’ve prepared something special for you: new Wazdan slots! You probably know from my previous posts that I am a great fan of this software provider. And guess what? My love is getting deeper with each new game release!

The list of new games launched by Wazdan includes all of my favourite themes! There are dinosaurs, gloomy forests, cute cats, crazy adventurers and pretty Japanese girls. But let’s start from the very beginning. There are four new games from Wazdan launched recently: Dino Reels 81, High School Manga, In the Forest, and Charlie the Cat. Each of them is different but I find something interesting in all of the titles.

Dino Reels 81 as its name suggests, is all about the dinosaurs! While spinning it’s reels you feel as if you have entered the famous Jurassic Park – prehistoric creatures are everywhere and there are so many chances to win! I simply love this game, its great graphics and really nice special features.

The next game may seem a little bit childish to same of you but I guarantee you will like it from the very first spin. High School Manga, as this is its name, takes place in a typical Japanese high school. The game offers manga-like icons and pretty nice soundtrack. A real must see to all slots lovers.

In the Forest will be a perfect choice to all horror fans. The action of this gloomy game takes place inside a dark forest. The reels of the game are filled with the images of different hunter’s tools, but you can also find the icon of a brave hunter and a bloodthirsty bear. There are also wilds, free spins and scatters, so you will not only get entertained, but also rewarded with heavy wins!

The last game, Charlie the Cat is… well, I have to use this word: CUTE! The game offers images of extremely sweet kittens which play, sleep and accompany you throughout the gamepla. The game features a really interesting risk game in which you have to choose the mouse hole to double your wins or lose them.

All four games emerged into the market some time ago but I was too busy to write. If you haven’t seen them yet, you need to change it this week, as they are really worth it! You can try Wazdan games here or here. Good luck and have fun!

Btw, I wish you a nice May Day! Find some time to enjoy your favourite slots.

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What to play this Xmas???


Funny thing: most of my favourite software providers decided to abandon common fashion for releasing xmas-themed slots in December. And you know what? It became a new fashion! Once again we can see a new approach in gambling industry turned into a new trend. Strange isea, don’t you think?

Nevertheless, there are still some companies who didn’t follow the new fashion and released some brand new Xmas themed slots.

For instance, Play’n GO spoils its players with a brand new Holiday Season slot. This special 5-reel 10-payline game helps players feel the spirit of typical Holiday Season parties. On its reels you will find presents, champagne, xmas pudding, turkey, Santa Claus and other things that come to our mind when we think about Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I sincerely love this slot: it is cute, looks good and frequently awards me with some wins. Can I ask for more? Guess not!

Another interesting xmas-themed slot released this year is NetEnt’s Secrets of Christmas. This sweet, 5-reel 25-payline game transports players right into Christmas celebrations. There is Santa Claus, xmas wreath, holly, fireplace, candle, stockings and many other cute symbols bringing into mind the coziness of Christmas. A bit too cute, but it is sure to help you enjoy characteristic xmas atmosphere.

There is also a new game from iSoftBet, Robo Smash Xmas, but its xmas character is going to disappear as soon as the Holiday Season is over. After Christmas, the xmas hats present on the reels of the game will be taken of and the standard version of the game will be available for the rest of the year. Nevertheless, if you like iSoftBet (and I bet many of you do), you will fall in love with this release, xmas themed or not.

And the last thing for today: have you seen the newest game from Wazdan launched this month? I must admit it was the best xmas preset I have ever received! There are four new titles added to Wazdan’s portfolio: High School Manga, Dino Reels 81, Charlie the Cat and In the Forest. Each of them different, but all equally good! You can now play them at two online casinos: Diamond World Casino and VegasPlay. Try them this Holiday Season and see how they work. I can strongly recommend each of them, believe me! I’m going to write more about them when xmas is over, so stay tuned and wait for the next post to learn more about those great new releases.

All that’s left is to wish you a great Holiday Season filled with joy, peace, happiness and great wins! Spend some time with your families, but also enjoy your free time in a way all slots-lovers like: playing best online slots!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

New interface in Wazdan games!


Do you remember Wazdan slots? All those classic older games and the colourful new releases? They all looked really nice, but now they are even better! Why? It’s easy: they have a completely new interface! Now you can enjoy your favourite games featuring modern buttons and various game modes. Are you curious about these changes? I hope you do, as they are pretty interesting.

First of all, instead of the well-known classy SPIN button placed in the right corner of the game, you are presented with an arrow – a universal spin symbol. It’s highly intuitive and to make things even better, this easy-to-find button is visible in any part of the game, so you so not have to search for it to spin the reels. Secondly, all Wazdan games are equipped with two special meters thanks to which you can easily adjust number of paylines and the size of your bet. There are also two separate Autoplay and Max bet buttons which make game much easier. All new buttons visible in the toolbar are green and they shine to attract players’ attention. The new look of Wazdan games is very user-friendly and easy-to-follow and will surely match tastes of both experienced and amateur players. I bet you will love to spin reels of Wazdan slots with the use of newly launched buttons.

But it’s not the end of great features attached to new interface of Wazdan games. Apart from the attractive appearance, the new toolbar has one more function: it is very flexible and easily adjustable to all types of screens. Thanks to this fact, while playing on mobile devices or tablets, you can now take advantage of new user interface. There are two vertical and one horizontal mode of the game available in Wazdan slots now. One of the modes looks like classic slot machines with the screen divided into two halves and paytable visible in the upper part throughout the gameplay. The new uttons are made in a way not to interfere with the action of the game – they can be easily found but they never cover the reels.

Well, I always liked Wazdan games but now I like them even better. With the new buttons and mobile modes, their games are very nice to play and they give me a lot of satisfaction. I love the fact that Wazdan is constantly changing, evolving and doing its best to satisfy players. Well done, Wazdan!


And one more thing: have you seen Wazdan’s newest game, Kick Off? It’s awesome! There are no typical reels, but the symbols are three balls kicked by three football starts. The game looks great and pays well, so make sure to give it a try – especially now, when Euro 2016 is still on the go.



VegasPlay.eu – my new favourite casino

vegasplay bank robbery

I’ve never written anything about my favourite casinos available on the market. It’s the highest time to change it! Recently, I’ve come upon a very nice brand new casino – VegasPlay.eu.

Set in the exciting world of western movies, VegasPlay.eu is a great place to stay in, especially if you are dreaming of great games and huge winnings.

The first thing that you admire after entering the casino website for the first time is its look. Basically, it reminds me of all Wild West themed films I’ve seen. When you look at the lobby, you feel as if you entered a typical saloon filled with strong ale and pretty ladies. The whole image of the casino aims to make you feel like one of the criminals taking part in the bank robbery.

Do you remember my posts about such slots as Beach Party or Black Horse? You will find them all at VegasPlay.eu which offers all best games from my favourite software provider: Wazdan. What you will see in the casino’s game portfolio are such titles as Captain Shark, Lucky Queen, Magic Fruits or Magic of the Ring. I am sure that you know some of them from the land based casinos and slot cabinets.

Most of online casinos provide their players with unique promotions. Vegas.Play.eu is no different. All new players can benefit from a 100% bonus on first deposit up to total of EUR500. What’s more, each time you make a deposit, you will get a 10% bonus. There are also some unique promotions at the VIP store and a special bonus for inviting friends. I have tried all of these bonuses and I must admit they had been adde to my account instantly and with no delays. Now I’m doing my best to collect as many loyalty points as possible as I wish to get one of the prizes offered in VIP store.

I strongly recommend VegasPlay.eu! In fact, I’ve never mentioned about my fav casinos because I…didn’t have one. Okay, I liked playing at some gaming websites, but with Vegas.Play.eu it is a totally different story. I just love spending my time at their website and I feel great in the environment they prepared for the players. Do not waste your time and check it – it’s really worth it!

vegas play banner

Another gem-themed slot? I don’t think so!

fruit mania

I have no idea why, but more and more software providers decided to create new slots based on the diamond theme. Is this subject really so interesting and appealing? I’m not quite sure. All those Dazzle Me, Illuminous and other games from most popular companies look very similar and do not stand out of the crowd when it comes to the special features. But there is one, completely different and totally innovative gem-themed slot: Fruit Mania from Wazdan!

Fruit Mania from Wazdan is a unique 9-reel and 9-payline slot focused on the theme of fruits and gems. On its reels you will find some of the most classic slot symbols: bells, Vegas signs, stars, plums, watermelons, cherries and other popular fruit.

What is so special about this game? Well, you will see it when you launch the slot. Did you pay attention to mentioned above number of reels? Nine is not a common number of reels in the slots and Fruit Mania allows players to gain completely different gaming experience. How? It’s easy. The main screen of the game consists of classic 3 reels and 3 rows, but on the left you can see two different “mini” reels – one for Diamond Bonus and one for Lotto Bonus.

Let’s begin with the Lotto Bonus. This extraordinary round is triggered when Lotto symbols are caught on the 3 middle reels. During the bonus game, player has to choose one of the mysterious Lotto tickets hiding different prizes. All you need to do is to pick one, reveal the prize and collect credits.

The second bonus game, called Diamond Bonus is not so easy to activate. How does it work? When a diamond symbol occurs on the reel, it will switch on the corresponding field in the Bonus matrix table visible on the right. Once the diamond meter is full, the next draw of at least 3 diamonds on the reels activate 9 bonus games. All of the previously caught diamonds are held on their positions and all diamonds appearing at the time of bonus round remain on their positions till the end of the round. If a player finishes the game with at least 4 diamonds on the reels, he or she is awarded with the special prize. Sounds a bit complicated? You need to see it to understand the rules and I’m sure you will get the point immediately!

There is also one extra feature available not only in Fruit Mania but also in other Wazdan’s slots: after each draw of all 9 symbols on the reels, the game automatically blocks the best set of symbols. What is more, you can always unlock the reels of lock another set of symbols.

As you have probably noticed, I am not a great fan of classic slots, but I just love Wazdan’s games. Fruit Mania became one of my favs long time ago and I remember playing it on the slot machine in one of the land based casinos. I fell in love from the first sight and it still remains on my Top 10 slots lists, especially when I see new gem-themed slots released by other software providers and packed with visual effects that mean nothing when you wish to collect some cash.

Wish to play Fruit Mania? Click the banner below! diamond world casino banner

And here are some screens:

fruit mania lotto bonus

fruit mania diamond bonus

It’s getting warmer – time to party!

miami beach slot logoI love May! Here, where I live – on the northern hemisphere the sun is shining stronger and the days are becoming warmer and warmer. It’s still a bit to cold to go to the beach, but I like to imagine all those half naked bodies, cold drinks, shining water which are the part of each beach party. Each time I wish to speed up the charms of summertime, I launch two excellent beach-themed slots from Wazdan: Beach Party and Miami Beach. Some time ago I have already written a post about one of them, but today I want to add some new info.

Both Beach Party and Miami Beach have 5 reels and 10 paylines. On their reels you can find all images connected with holidays and parties: colourful drinks, ice-creams, surfers and sexy girls wearing bikini. All symbols look pretty well and bring some pleasant thoughts. I just love those simple graphics and classic sounds.

Besides the well-balanced look, the game offers some special features such as Wilds, Scatters or Free Spins.

I must say that no matter when and where I played, I always managed to catch at least 3 Scatters on the reels and activate 15 Free Spins. And I often use Wilds to replace other symbols (except Scatters) to form winning combinations. Some of you may argue that there are many other games with the same theme and better graphics but I just hate all slots which bring me ONLY bright symbols, but no wins. Wazdan’s “beach slots” always reward me with some winnings. Sometimes higher, the other times smaller, but I was never left with the empty account.

Below you can see some screenshots taken while playing both games – they look a bit similar but are equally rewarding.

If you wish to try them on your own (I truly recommend it!), go to DiamondWorldCasino and find Beach Party and Miami Beach in their game portfolio. I am sure you won’t regret it 🙂

miami beach slot win

beach party slot wild

Add some magic to your everyday routine!

Lucky Fortune slot

Okay, it’s the highest time to write a few words about some highly rewarding slots. For the last few slots I have been concentrating on beautiful slots with innovative themes. Well, it won’t be so much different this time, but unless in case of the previous slots, I am going to describe you a game which brought me some real winnings. What is it? It’s Wazdan’s “Lucky fortune”.

5 reels, 10 paylines, Wild symbols, Scatters, Free Spins… is there anything more you could expect from a slot? Add beautiful colourful graphics and smooth animations and you receive a perfect recipe for your favourite game.

I must admit that I have fell in love with Wazdan’s new releases. They are so bright, fresh and unique that it is hard to stop yourself from playing. I’ve been captured by “Lucky Fortune” for a little while and it proved to be a really rewarding exeprience. I won a nice sum of credits which unfortunately didn’t happen to me often lately.

But let’s start from the beginning. “Lucky Fortune” is centered around the figure of a charming gypsy girl who plays the role of a fortune teller. Next to the game logo you can see some four leaf clovers which are the symbols of good luck. But it is not all. On the reels of the game one can find other luck bringers, for example a pot of gold, gold elephant or a horseshoe. All it gives the game the special charm and the atmosphere of magic. Music attached to the game is very pleasant and relaxing which turns the gameplay into a totally refreshing experience.

Apart from the standard symbols, there are some special ones. First of all, crystal ball plays the role of the Scatter. When you catch 3, 4 or 5 of them on the reels, you will activate 15 Free Spins. All wins during the Free Spins round are multilpied x3. Free Spins may be re-triggered during the feature. And this is how I managed to collect a nice sum of cash while playing this game. I had so much luck, that I was activating Free Spins in such a great number, that I have forgotten what the normal game looks like 🙂

Furthermore, the symbol of the Gypsy girl is Wild and can replace all other symbols to form many different winning combinations. Thanks to this solution, I have formed some wins on all of the paylines just after a few first spins!

So, I really recommend you “Lucky Fortune”. I know, sometimes people have extremely lucy days, but I don’t believe that my win in this game was the effect of pure luck. If you wish to win in a slot game, you just have to try this unique title – you may find it at DiamondWorldCasino.

Good Luck!

Lucky Fortune wild

lucky fortune symbols

lucky fortune scatter

If you miss holidays as much as I do…




then you need to try Wazdan’s “Beach Party”!

Two weeks ago I’ve told you a bit about my favourite classic slot from Wazdan. I have to admit that I’ve found some brand new games from this developer and they are even better than their older brothers and sisters 😉

As the days are getting shorter and darker, I felt the need to cheer myself up by spinning the reels of some crazy holiday-themed slot. I’ve chosen “Beach Party” and immediately fell in love with this game.

The slot is pretty simple. Its reels are filled with the images of ice cream, sexy girls, cool drinks and dart boards. All graphics look quite well and bring into mind laziness of the summertime.

What I like the most about this game are its easy and transparent rules. “Party Beach” has some basic special features such as Scatters, Wilds and Free Spins. There is no five pages long paytable and you do not have to study rules for two hours to know what you have to do to win.

Instead, you are presented with the list of simple guidelines: sexy girls are Wild and can replace all other symbols except Scatters; dart board plays the role of the Scatter and can activate 15 Free Spins. there is also a symbol of arrow which increases the multiplier. Nothing less and nothing more. Simple as that.

If you are seeking for a relief to your busy mind, you should definitely give this game a go. Thanks to the nice selection of basic special features and attractive graphics the slot is going to satisfy needs of most slot-lovers.

And most of all, it doesn’t show any dull fruit symbols, but quite attractive beach chicks  😉

beach party




Fun Games 777

My Favourite Classic Slot

Magic Fruits

Yes, I know – at the very beginning of my adventure with this blog I have mentioned that I hate all classic slots and now I want to dedicate my new post to that boring phenomenon. Go ahead, you can judge me, it is your reader’s right 😉 But even though I certainly hate most of classic slots, I play occassionally play them. Well, sometimes everyone needs a change 😉

From time to time, especially after a week that came from hell, I like to spin the reels of a completely ordinary slot. I am even able to digest most corny fruit machines – I makes me feel relax. Ok, maybe now some of you will leave this site, but tell me, don’t you sometimes feel the same? You know, all those innovative 3D slots are pretty nice, but they are too much absorbing and there are times when I have no energy to play them.

At these moments I love to play some of Wazdan’s slots. They are pretty well-designed, have easy rules and give quite high chances of hitting a progressive jackpot.

My favourite no-brainer (in the positive meaning of this word) is “Magic Fruits”. This simple game offers 3 reels and 5 paylines. Of course, when you think “classic slot”, you see a group of fruit. “Magic Fruit” is no exception. However, unlike most fruit-themed slots, this one presents really attractive fruit, and stands out from the crowd thanks to the great graphics. On the reels you can find images of grapes, pears, watermelons, oranges, plums, raspberries, bells and red sevens. the whole game is set on the nice green background. I have no idea why, but I like looking at the spinning fruit in this slot. It is so damn relaxing!

The game does not offer any additional functions. And I don’t treat it as its weakness. Sufficient to say that it giives you a chance to ease your stress in a completely transparent gameplay. All you need to to is to spin the reels. The rest depends on your luck. Don’t you think it is the easiest and most fair deal? I have days when only such things can rise my spirit 🙂

Do you also suffer from so called “Weltschmerz”? Have you got your favourite slot which helps you deal with your troubled soul? Please, share your remedies 🙂

magic fruits magic_fruits_1 magic_fruits_2

Wonna try this slot? Check here:

Diamond World Casino