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Fruit Warp – Breeze of Freshness and Modernity

fruit_warp_2bDo you start yawning each time you see a new fruit-themed slot? I know, there are some ethusiasts of that kind of games, but I can’t call myself one of them. I find nothing interesting in the reels filled with the images of lemons, plums or oranges. There is no wonder then that I was completely sceptical about the “Fruit Warp” slot. But I’ve changed my mind after a single glance at that fantastic Thunderkick’s game. Why? Because it’s totally diffrent from all other slots!

“Fruit Warp” has no reels and no paylines. So how do you play that game? It’s easy!  All you need to do to win, is to catch at least three of the same symbols after each spin. You don’t need any combinations or special winning lines: just push the spin button and look at the occurring fruit. There is one thing you should keep in mind: never, under no circumstances, start this game with an empty stomach. Why? You will understand it when you see the symbols for the first time. Three dimensional papayas, bananas, oranges or cherries look like real and their appearance serves as great stimuli for salivary glands. All fruit spin around, move and give the impression of being extremely fresh and tasty. 

What is more, this outstanding slot has many great special features, like portal Re-spins, fruit modes, multipliers and additional lives. Once I’ve triggered a strawberry mode, I couldn’t stop myself from pushing the spin butoon until I’ve won most of the fruit modes and filled the whole multiplier’s meter. So be careful: “Fruit Warp” may be really addictive 🙂

I liked playing that crazy game very much and I am sure I will do it again. It is one of the best fruit slots I’ve ever seen! “Fruit Warp” is a must-play for all demanding players who are searching for original and innovative games. 





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I’m a true slot-lover. I’ve been playing many different games but, sadly, got bored with most of them. My mission for this year is to create a selection of the most unique games available on the market. With my blog I am going to present you with the most recent slots  and share my gaming experiences.

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